In todays mission impossible letter we introduce to you Slovenian fashion model and athlete Alen Kobilica

Mission impossible

“I don’t see, but I go with full strenght forward.”

Those are the words of extremely determined mind of a man who found himself in an life challenging situation few years ago when after brain surgery became blind.

But he didn’t surrender to his fate…quite opposite, he accepted his blindness as challenge.

He said in an interview:

“No problem is so serious, that couldn’t be resolved or overcomed.”

After numerous fashion achivements at home and abroad he continues to run successful fashion agency and he had set many goals for the future, including swimming in upcoming Paralympics in London starting in August 2012 where he is not expecting just to participate but returning home with medal.

What is even more impressive and admirable is that he wants to test himself in skiing discipline. What would many consider as misson impossible in that situation is to him:

“Skiing will be slighty more complicated to train as I need a partner who is skiing in front of me and I follow the sound coming from the speaker on his back.”

You are probably wondering as we do…how can he do it?

His reply:

“I’m not afraid of new challenges.”

And he is right! A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. He will practice until he will master the art.

We will never forget what he once said:

“If I would just wait, something to happen, there would probably be nothing. I accepted the challenge that life brought to me and decided to get most out of it. You should never feel sorry for yourself…”

This is one of the biggest lessons we should learn from him. On any difficulty you stumble upon in your life keep your head up and persevere…that is what separates winners like Alen from losers who never dare to live life to the fullest!

As always: be courageous, follow your dreams and never allow anyone putting you down:

Help yourself with some powerful quotes!

p.s. Alen’s non-profit organization Vidim Cilj

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Mission Impossible – Alen Kobilica


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